User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI)

DeskTime is a time tracking and employee
management software.

At DeskTime, starting as the UI/UX designer and transitioning to a lead designer, I worked on UI design as well as kickstarted UX practices – doing user surveys and interviews, analysing data together with customer support and product. Together with the team we implemented design system, and worked towards creating reusable solutions.


There are more than 140 landing pages

Since DeskTime has many landing pages, design system came in handy for recreation of new and similar pages. 

DeskTime user dashboard

DeskTime is a  product based on the collected data, therefore a there has to be a good understanding on how to showcase the metrics and translate the data provided for an easy end user consumption.

To achieve that, together with the team we implemented user experience practices – surveys, UX testing, hi-fi prototype testing, interviews, which then translated into a usable design. 

DeskTime is a multiplatform application

DeskTime product runs on on iOs, Android, macOs, Linux and Windows devices. 
The biggest challenge while working with multi platform product was to achieve a similar feel on every system, since each has it’s own quirks. 


The main precept for DeskTimes Desktop apps -> it has to be a small and unnoticeable app, which does not disturb the end user during their working time.

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